Professionalism and convenience

Our drivers and licensed tour guides speak English, and since you're working directly with the professionals themselves, without a "middle man," our rates are more affordable than what you may expect.

(In order to make a profit, large tour companies must charge as much as twice what we charge for the same service, while competing "driver guides," who might actually be licensed only as driver-escorts, may charge somewhat less.) For your comfort, each new mini-bus in our fleet accomodates up to six passengers, and some cars are equipped with internet access and other conveniences.

The licensed guide can enter a historical or archeological site and explain its history, and even act as an interpreter; your driver simply accompanies you to your destination. Our tour guides and drivers are serious professionals with years of experience in accomodating the needs of visitors. And they know their way around Sicily. What's just as important is our approach to customer care, which sets the standard in Sicily's travel industry. Because you're paying for personalized service, you can expect courtesy, competence and reliability.

You decide what you'd like to see, and we'll take you there. It's that simple. From Palermo to Catania and everyplace in-between, having your own personal guide offers all the advantages of a group tour with none of the disadvantages. More choices, more information and more attention, all at your own pace. We specialise in personalised tours lasting at least several days, with stops in lots of interesting places. Your English-speaking guide can accompany you into archeological areas, cultural sites and museums, and even act as an interpreter.