For light, geography and historical evidence Sicily is the most precious region of Italy together with Tuscany.

The cultural contaminations of the largest and most special island in the Mediterranean - which find expression in cuisine, art and architecture - are superimposed on primordial landscapes between fertile land rich in native products, peaks of two thousand meters that touch the sky, a jagged coastline washed by clean and bright waters and a conical and fiery giant black that dominates the city of Catania observing, immovable and imposing, the Ionian Sea.

    Italy, East Sicily, Marzamemi main square



The steps to put in the agenda are Santa Flavia, Cefalù and continuing towards the east, the medieval village of Randazzo. Built a prehistoric lava-shaped erosion of the waters of Alcantara, Randazzo - inhabited since Roman times - was an important strategic junction from which passed Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Jews, Normans and Aragonese. A magical microcosm of Sicilian history at the foot of the highest active volcano in Europe.

(In the picture the Church of Santa Maria in Randazzo and the traditional August festival).


And what about the Valley of the Temples! One of the great wonders of Sicily!

Continue in the direction of Sciacca and from there inland until you reach the spot where the old town of Gibellina was destroyed by the Belice earthquake in 1968. For the world to not forget the tragedy, the great artist Alberto Burri cemented the ruins creating - between 1984 and 1989 - a powerful example of "Landscape Art" known as the "Great Cretto". The 8,000 square meter work was completed only in October 2015 and is presented as a series of monumental and metaphysical concrete fractures, a ground plagued by the pain of loss. Unmissable and poignant. 


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